Updated: May 14, 2022
Peter Falkenberg Brown
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Freedom for Muslims, Freedom for All
It’s a reasonable statement to say that all human beings have the intrinsic right to be free, and thus we can demand: “Freedom for Muslims, Freedom for All.” However, it is unfortunate for Muslims that the vast majority of people living under Islam are not free. They are repressed by a form of totalitarianism that I describe as “the Ultimate Tyranny.” Stating that Islam is the Ultimate Tyranny will undoubtedly offend Muslims and many non-Muslims as well. Thus, I do not want to be misunderstood. I am not “anti-Muslim.” In fact, I am pro-human being and would like to help the human beings who just happen to be Muslim to escape the tyranny under which they suffer.
Marriage and Family and the God Who Created Everything
I believe that humans need to go deeper and explore these topics using logic, common sense, humility, love, wisdom, and a strong desire to find answers that are as plain and truthful as arithmetic and, at the same time, spiritually inspiring. In other words, one can explore the questions about male and female genders, marriage, parenting, and family from two angles: one that starts with the assumption that God exists and the other based on an examination of physical reality—an empirical search for what is. It is my belief that both methods will reach the same conclusions.
The 2020 Election: Corruption, Intimidation, and Malfeasance
This essay is the text of a speech given on April 20, 2022 at an event titled: "Will Your Vote Count in November? Will the Next Election Be Stolen?" hosted by the Gray Republican Committee in Gray, Maine.
Every voter in every state, city, and town, needs to ask these two questions:

For the sake of preserving America’s freedoms, should we enforce all necessary controls to make sure that elections are never stolen by immoral people?

Why do Leftists’ heads explode when we bring up these topics? If Leftists were not stealing elections but thought that conservatives were stealing them, they would applaud these suggestions. Their attempts to block voting controls demonstrate their immoral motivations and begs the question: what are they hiding?
Reparations for Slavery? Everyone Has Slaves in Their Lineage
If reparations for slavery are to be fair and just, then all human beings deserve reparations. All humans have ancestors who were victimized and enslaved by someone if we go far enough back in history. All humans also have one or more ancestors who harmed someone else. Thus, the call for reparations must be replaced by the more spiritually advanced and effective practice of extending love and forgiveness to all people. That is the path toward peace.
The Emperor Has No Clothes: Rejecting the Totalitarian Transgender Movement
A woman was raped in a hospital by a transgender man, and the hospital denied it, insisting that “the rape could not have happened” as “there was no male in the hospital.”

Books by Peter Falkenberg Brown

Available Now! The Mystical Love of God: Divine Writing Messages from the God Who Is Always with Us
I'm pleased to announce that my new book "The Mystical Love of God: Divine Writing Messages from the God Who Is Always with Us" is available now.
Now on Amazon! Waking Up Dead and Confused Is A Terrible Thing
Stories of Love, Life, Death, and Redemption
Now on Amazon! Twenty stories for those cold winter nights, curled up on a couch with hot chocolate and a good book!
The True Love Thing to Do front cover
The True Love Thing to Do
An Interactive Workbook on Finding Love and Preparing for an Enduring Marriage
“Would you like to live happily ever after with your one true love?”

The True Love Thing to Do shows you how you can build a marriage of true love. It explains why it’s better to wait until marriage to have sexual relations—not just because of pregnancy or STDs but because of the beauty and value of love. The True Love Thing to Do describes a new way of thinking, feeling, and acting, and most of all a new way of loving. It introduces a new paradigm for life in the twenty-first century: the “Age of Illumination.”
The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love
~ Essays, Poems, and Stories about Love, Beauty, and the Mystical Path
A book that explores the mystical search for the indwelling God focused on the virtues of kindness and compassionate love.
Do You Want To Be Free?
Essays on Freedom as the Foundation of a World of Love and Beauty
Why should all human beings have the innate right to freedom of thought, religion, speech, assembly, and all of the related civic freedoms that follow? Are those freedoms inalienable? Do they stem from an Intelligent Creator?

Videos and Films

As of August 25, 2017, I have rebooted my YouTube channel with the broad topic of “Love, Freedom, and the World.” Visit the channel via the link below:


I'm also creating video channels on GAB, Rumble, and Bitchute.

This section contains a list of the videos.

~ The Most Recent Videos
Short Film: Report from Hades on the Covid Plan for World Domination
Have you wondered what's going on with the Covid crisis, and what the end game of the Left is? If so, this report is for you: direct from the Man from Hades, revealing the master plan and end game of the Covid Plan for World Domination.
Interview: The Mystical Love of God - Peter Falkenberg Brown - TruthSeekah Podcast
On August 10, 2021, I was interviewed on the "TruthSeekah" Podcast about my book "The Mystical Love of God: Divine Writing Messages from the God Who Is Always with Us."

Video: In Defense of Love and Freedom
This speech was given at the program "Defending America: The Present Threats to Freedom" on June 14, 2021 at the Windham Veterans Center in Windham, Maine.
New Book: The Mystical Love of God: Video Discussion Remarks
On April 7th, some good friends of mine invited me to come on a video call with a group of their friends, who were all studying the mystical path. I was asked to speak about my newly published book: The Mystical Love of God: Divine Writing Messages from the God Who Is Always with Us.
Jack Monahan’s interview with Peter Falkenberg Brown: The Cultural and Political Divide in America
Today, on March 11, 2021, a freelance journalist and podcast producer named Jack Monahan interviewed me for thirty minutes as part of a long-form series he’ll be publishing online in the autumn of this year. He’s compiling stories of people of different beliefs and backgrounds from across the country, focused on the cultural and political divide currently affecting America.

“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
Watch our first film right here.
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The 2020 Election: Corruption, Intimidation, and Malfeasance
A Declaration on God and Freedom