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For Muslims and Non-Muslims, Islam Is the Ultimate Tyranny
Because of decades of propaganda by Islamapologists, it is now a reality that the very first problem with any discussion of Islam is that many people believe that no one is ever supposed to criticize it. In the West, one is immediately called an anti-Muslim bigot, hater, racist, and Islamophobe. In Islamic countries, one’s fate is much worse, with death as a common outcome. Thus, we have to establish why it is acceptable to criticize Islam.
Men of Courage, Men of Love
This essay is excerpted from the book "The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love: Essays on Love, Beauty, and the Mystical Path," by the author. The book is available on Amazon.

~ Much of this essay applies to women as well because men and women share a divine source. Yet, since I am not a woman, and because I believe that men need to deeply explore this topic, I have addressed it to men.
Our desire to become men of empathy and men of love will be more quickly fulfilled when we remember that the means to the end are the same as the end. We reclaim our divinity as we progress along the path of love. It’s not a short path, and it’s often difficult, especially when we look in the mirror and realize how undivine we may have been. It is important to state that becoming a man of empathy and love requires courage and emotional strength. It requires indefatigable guts and fighting spirit, especially when we are challenged to love those with whom we emotionally struggle.
The Scattered Forces of Freedom and the Monolithic Left
They have become almost machine-like in their agreement that the ends justify the means, that eggs need to be broken to make omelets, and that they—the special people—know what is best for all human beings. Some live in board rooms and attend cocktail parties. Others dress in black, and burn and smash and riot.
The Left’s Scorched-Earth War Against Sacred Sexuality
~ This is the text of a speech given by the author on May 25, 2022, at an event called “The Hypersexualization of School Children,” sponsored by the Gray Republican Committee in Gray, Maine.
The primary messages in hypersexualization are that “children are sexual from birth” and “any and all sexual activity is normal.” There are no boundaries.

Those messages were given the weight of professorial documentation in the 1940s and ’50s, starting with Alfred C. Kinsey and Wardell B. Pomeroy. They co-authored the books Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.

Their books have had an enormous impact on sex education professionals, to such a degree that we can accurately state: Alfred C. Kinsey and Wardell B. Pomeroy are the evil godfathers of the hypersexualization movement.
Marriage and Family and the God Who Created Everything
I believe that humans need to go deeper and explore these topics using logic, common sense, humility, love, wisdom, and a strong desire to find answers that are as plain and truthful as arithmetic and, at the same time, spiritually inspiring. In other words, one can explore the questions about male and female genders, marriage, parenting, and family from two angles: one that starts with the assumption that God exists and the other based on an examination of physical reality—an empirical search for what is. It is my belief that both methods will reach the same conclusions.

Books by Peter Falkenberg Brown

Now on Amazon: The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love: Essays on Love, Beauty, and the Mystical Path
The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love is a book of essays (with a few poems) that explores the topics of love, beauty, and the mystical path. It is a book for people of all religions and no religion, for agnostics and atheists as well, because the author approaches these topics based on the concept that universal truths apply to all human beings, beyond religion, culture, nationality, or language.
Available Now! The Mystical Love of God: Divine Writing Messages from the God Who Is Always with Us
I'm pleased to announce that my new book "The Mystical Love of God: Divine Writing Messages from the God Who Is Always with Us" is available now.
Now on Amazon! Waking Up Dead and Confused Is A Terrible Thing
Stories of Love, Life, Death, and Redemption
Now on Amazon! Twenty stories for those cold winter nights, curled up on a couch with hot chocolate and a good book!
The True Love Thing to Do front cover
The True Love Thing to Do
An Interactive Workbook on Finding Love and Preparing for an Enduring Marriage
“Would you like to live happily ever after with your one true love?”

The True Love Thing to Do shows you how you can build a marriage of true love. It explains why it’s better to wait until marriage to have sexual relations—not just because of pregnancy or STDs but because of the beauty and value of love. The True Love Thing to Do describes a new way of thinking, feeling, and acting, and most of all a new way of loving. It introduces a new paradigm for life in the twenty-first century: the “Age of Illumination.”
Do You Want To Be Free?
Essays on Freedom as the Foundation of a World of Love and Beauty
Why should all human beings have the innate right to freedom of thought, religion, speech, assembly, and all of the related civic freedoms that follow? Are those freedoms inalienable? Do they stem from an Intelligent Creator?

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A Declaration on God and Freedom
When God, who created the universe, looks down at the Earth, what does He see? The God who exists outside of time and space is aware of everything and everyone. The God who embodies the concepts of infinity is so tiny that He can sit on the petal of a flower and admire a butterfly, and yet so large that He lived through every moment of the tragedies of history.

Every person, lonely and broken or filled with joy, is wrapped in the arms of the Creator of love. None can escape the attention of the omnipresent God who looks in the eyes of each human and sees the sacred light that is part of God. Nothing can separate a person's soul from the indwelling God, even when an individual has drifted into the harsh world of denial.

Totalitarians Caused and Committed the Three Mass Murders of Covid
The totalitarian actions surrounding COVID entirely disqualify the mainstream "COVID narrative." There are Three Mass Murders of Covid: Making the Virus, Blocking the Cures, and Making Killer "Vaccines."

Will Republicans Stop the 2022 Election Fraud?
What do you think the Democrats and the Hard-Left would have been doing since November, 2020 if Trump had won and they thought that fraud had been committed by Republicans? Not just fraud, but the same types of fraud and the same level of fraud that have been articulated by many conservative Republicans since that date? Not just suspicions of fraud, but allegations with the same kind of evidence that has been presented since 2020?

“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
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Sep 25, 2022
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