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National Borders and the Value of America as a City On a Hill
Presented at the program “Stop Open Borders: Say No to Poverty, Crime, and Tyranny” on July 29, 2020, hosted by the Gray Republican Committee. A video of my presentation is listed here.
I start with a question–a dilemma that does indeed have an answer. How can good-hearted, ethical, moral people make the suggestion to “stop open borders”? The first few words of John 3:16 are: “For God so loved the world.” With imagination, one can sense that God looks down at the world and sees all human beings, of every color, race, creed, and nationality, as sacred individuals born with the light of God dwelling in their hearts.
The Captive
~ a forgotten tale of prehistoric love
Forty-thousand years ago, surrounded by outcroppings of rock, there lived a small tribe of thoroughly unkempt individuals who spent their time hunting for birds and gambling for slaves. One of those slaves, known only as Limp, was breathing heavily as he pressed himself against the cliff under their encampment and peered at the jagged rocks below.

He tried to ignore the death that awaited him and instead took solace in the thought that his recent capture had given him the chance to prevent his friend from being ordered over the cliff. She was too small and weak to have survived.
The Day I Said No To Kim Jong Un
“You. Attend to me.”

Kim Jong Un had almost brushed past me as he walked through the conference room, surrounded by his security men. I’m not sure why, but he stopped and stared at me for a moment before he spoke.

His security men didn’t give me a chance to reply, as one of them took my arm and led me out of the room behind the Supreme Leader. I glanced back at the people in the hall, wondering if I would see them again.
The Power of Eternal Goals
At the age of fifty-two, in 2007, when I wrote the original version of this essay, I realized that I had to expand my external goals to include my life in the spirit world. I should have realized this much earlier in life, but for many years I had separated my goals. My “external” career goals went only as far as the end of my life in the physical world. My goals for the spirit world were limited to “internal” goals, such as loving God and loving people. I now feel that this is too limiting. In my opinion, we won’t stop working in the afterlife. We’ll want to do something.

Books by Peter Falkenberg Brown

Waking Up Dead and Confused Is A Terrible Thing
Stories of Love, Life, Death, and Redemption
Coming Soon in 2020
Do You Want To Be Free?
Essays on Freedom as the Foundation of a World of Love and Beauty
Why should all human beings have the innate right to freedom of thought, religion, speech, assembly, and all of the related civic freedoms that follow? Are those freedoms inalienable? Do they stem from an Intelligent Creator?
The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love
~ Essays, Poems, and Stories about Love, Beauty, and the Mystical Path
A book that explores the mystical search for the indwelling God focused on the virtues of kindness and compassionate love.
The True Love Thing to Do front cover
The True Love Thing to Do
An Interactive Workbook on Finding Love and Preparing for an Enduring Marriage
“Would you like to live happily ever after with your one true love?”

The True Love Thing to Do shows you how you can build a marriage of true love. It explains why it’s better to wait until marriage to have sexual relations—not just because of pregnancy or STDs but because of the beauty and value of love. The True Love Thing to Do describes a new way of thinking, feeling, and acting, and most of all a new way of loving. It introduces a new paradigm for life in the twenty-first century: the “Age of Illumination.”

Videos and Films

As of August 25, 2017, I have rebooted my YouTube channel with the broad topic of “Love, Freedom, and the World.” Visit the channel via the link below:

This section contains a list of the videos on that channel, as well as podcasts.

~ The Most Recent Videos
New Version: The Incarnational Rights of Men and Women: The Illumination and Flowering of Homo Incarnatus
The twenty-first century has brought humankind to a crossroads. Will all human beings enjoy complete civil and religious freedom based on their inalienable rights, or will global tyranny erode and crush those rights?

Strains of tyranny come in many forms, but top contenders for this century include the potential global hegemonies of Communist China, an Islamic Caliphate that extends into Europe and Britain, and Western nations that fall to a rising encroachment of socialism and Marxism.

In spite of the hostility and ignorance of totalitarians, I believe that the scales are weighted in favor of freedom and human rights. Illumination and a desire for freedom are percolating across the world, and have been increasing in speed and scope.

Video: Freedom from Tyranny: A Manifesto of Human Rights for All
Why should human beings oppose tyranny? Are there universal truths about the human condition that provide the foundation for all of us to thoroughly reject tyranny, now and in the future? --- I present here a manifesto that is available to download as a one page PDF that you may freely print and distribute.

Videos: “Why Socialism Would Destroy America’s Economy & Freedoms”
Here's a video of a speech I gave on November 20th in Windham, Maine on “Why Socialism Would Destroy America’s Economy & Freedoms.” I've also linked to videos of the other speakers (Congressman Bruce Poliquin, José Mayoral, Dr. Demi Kouzounas, and Joe Reagan) and the full program.

Video: Free Speech, Hate Speech, & Censorship: Winning the 2020 Elections
This is an excerpt from a longer video of an event co-hosted by the Gray and Cumberland Republican Town Committees in Maine, and co-sponsored by 32 additional town committees and nonprofits and leaders. This excerpt contains my speech on the topic of the evening: "Free Speech, Hate Speech, & Censorship: Winning the 2020 Elections."

“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
Watch our first film right here.
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Waking Up Dead and Confused Is A Terrible Thing
National Borders and the Value of America as a City On a Hill
Video: National Borders and the Value of America as a City On a Hill
The Captive