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The Love, Freedom, & the World Project

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The Love, Freedom, & the World Project:
Discussions about Love, Beauty, Joy, and Freedom

It’s a “project” in the sense that I want to help propagate the values of love, beauty, joy, and freedom through writing, publishing, and speaking. Part of that goal is accomplished by this website, part of it is at The Significato Journal, part of it lives at my YouTube Channel, and part of it involves giving public talks on these topics.

I also want to host discussions and debates about various issues contained within these broad themes.


FREEDOM is an essential component to creating a world of love, beauty, and joy, so I am also involved in the political process of defending freedom.

Freedom for all is a complicated topic, because one might say that one wants to be free to live as one pleases. That is a vital underpinning of freedom.

And yet . . . freedom for one must not impinge on the freedom of others, or the rights and health and well being of others—especially children.

So, “freedom” needs to be talked about in depth.


I have adopted the “Love, Freedom, & the World Project” as my life's work. My goal is to be able to work on this project full time until the very second that I let out my last gasp and move to the next realm (where it is my intention to continue that work). Thus, I have decided to actively pursue “crowd funding,” using services like and others as they become available as well as asking for donations and Patronage for this work, right here on this website.

You can make a one-time or recurring monthly donation at our “Renaissance Patron” page at The Significato Journal, here:

==> Renaissance Patron Page

or a recurring donation via the crowd-funding service:

==> Monthly Donations to the Love, Freedom, & the World Project

More to come!

Peter Falkenberg Brown


Peter Falkenberg Brown
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