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This section is where we publish news about our efforts and other bits of commentary.

FalkenBrown's Online Shop: New Products!
Feeling Patriotic during Freedom Month? Want to send a message of love, hope, and freedom? Visit my new online shop: FalkenBrown's! more
EVENT: Defending America: The Present Threats to Freedom
This is an event that I'm producing and speaking at, hosted by the Gray Republican Committee in Gray, Maine. June 14, 2021. more
Two Books Now In Hardcover: Mystical Love and Waking Up
My two most recent books are now also in hardcover. I always try to buy hardcover because a) they last for a hundred years or more (I have many books that are that old) and they just feel GOOD! So, hop on over to my author page and buy hardcover copies of both books. :-) more
New Book Website: The Mystical Love of God
To more easily promote my new book The Mystical Love of God: Divine Writing Messages from the God Who Is Always with Us I've created a "one-page website." more
My New Online Shop: FalkenBrown's
Check out my new online shop! more Fast & Powerful Custom Websites & Database Applications
I've begun a new web programming consulting business: more
If some of you know church groups and school groups that have teenagers who could benefit from a True Love Thing to Do seminar, I want to let you all know that I have a Sales Rep commission program in which you can make $2 per book on bulk sales (10 copies minimum). more
The True Love Thing to Do Is Now On Amazon!
Click on the Amazon link to buy the book. more
Twin City Times (Lewiston & Auburn, Maine) reports on Free Speech Event
The Twin City Times, a weekly paper covering Lewiston and Auburn, Maine, as well as surrounding areas, featured a report about the “Free Speech, Hate Speech, & Censorship: Winning the 2020 Elections” event that was co-hosted by the Gray Republican Committee. more
Press Release: Thirty-four Republican and conservative co-sponsors host public event on “Free Speech, Hate Speech, & Censorship: Winning the 2020 Elections”
See PDF attached
This is a PDF of the Press Release of the Free Speech Event co-hosted by the Republican Town Committees of Gray and Cumberland, Maine. I was one of the speakers. more
Peter Falkenberg Brown
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