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This section is where we publish news about our efforts and other bits of commentary.

We are Now Selling Tee Shirts!
Woo Hoo! We've started selling T-Shirts! Here's our very first one, with the text and drawing by Kimmy Sophia: "Who Will Hug the Porcupine?" Who indeed! more
YouTube Channel Milestone: 20 New Videos!
I'm delighted to say that as of this week, my new YouTube Channel (Love, Freedom, & the World) has hit the 20 new video mark! more
Two New Videos of Speeches from 2001 and 2011
A speech from 2001 in D.C. and a speech from 2011 in at Kansas State University more
Book News - May 29, 2017
News about the status of my upcoming books more
Announcing the New Peter Falkenberg Brown Website now has a new, responsive website! more
Peter Falkenberg Brown
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“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
Watch our first film right here.