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The FalkenBrown Show

"" redirects to this page. This is the home of "The FalkenBrown Show." The FalkenBrown Show" is new---the older videos use the title "Love, Freedom, and the World," which is also the name of the umbrella project under which the videos are created. You can read about that here:

The videos started out at YouTube, but now I'm moving to, with copies on,, and I haven't copied everything from YouTube yet. The newest items are not on YouTube.

My goal is to have all the videos listed on this website so that you can just visit this section and click directly on the video. See the paginated link "Videos & Films" below. Sign up for our newsletter to get notified of new videos. - This channel will eventually have everything. - This channel will not have any political videos.

I may have all of the videos copied to the channels below---or only some. Not sure. - Eventually, I'll probably have only one video on YouTube redirecting to this page.


The FalkenBrown Show
Peter Falkenberg Brown
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