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A Mystical Life

These essays touch on aspects of love, beauty, joy, and freedom as they relate to a spiritual life: a mystical life of living with God, the indwelling Source of Life.

The Death and Life of Edward Wild: New Novel Addresses the Importance of a Moral Life
Published by the World Community Press, 452 pages.
Men of Courage, Men of Love
This essay is excerpted from the book "The Living Compass of Kindness and Compassionate Love: Essays on Love, Beauty, and the Mystical Path," by the author. The book is available on Amazon at

~ Much of this essay applies to women as well because men and women share a divine source. Yet, since I am not a woman, and because I believe that men need to deeply explore this topic, I have addressed it to men.
Our desire to become men of empathy and men of love will be more quickly fulfilled when we remember that the means to the end are the same as the end. We reclaim our divinity as we progress along the path of love. It’s not a short path, and it’s often difficult, especially when we look in the mirror and realize how undivine we may have been. It is important to state that becoming a man of empathy and love requires courage and emotional strength. It requires indefatigable guts and fighting spirit, especially when we are challenged to love those with whom we emotionally struggle. more
The Healing of the World
Humanity is living in a broken state that has affected every aspect of life. Although some may work to solve the problems of the world solely through political and external means, is it not true that all actions start in the mind, the heart, and the soul of an individual? It is in the internal world of human beings where we must look for the healing of the world. more
A Life of No Separation With God
~ a "Divine Writing Communion" message, received from God in prayer on October 20, 2021
A life of no separation with God means that you can divide a second in half infinitely and find no unit of time where separation exists. That is where every human is headed. more
The Resurrection of Jesus and the Victory of Eternal Love
The life and resurrection of Jesus were gifts to the world that revealed how powerful God’s love was for humanity. They were messages to every one of God’s children that even though the world was often hellish and unbearable, we all belonged to God, we all were qualified to receive God’s love, and we all could live with God for eternity. The death of our bodies was shown to be a trivial matter, for our souls continued forever. more
The Power of Eternal Goals
At the age of fifty-two, in 2007, when I wrote the original version of this essay, I realized that I had to expand my external goals to include my life in the spirit world. I should have realized this much earlier in life, but for many years I had separated my goals. My “external” career goals went only as far as the end of my life in the physical world. My goals for the spirit world were limited to “internal” goals, such as loving God and loving people. I now feel that this is too limiting. In my opinion, we won’t stop working in the afterlife. We’ll want to do something. more
Life Begins in God’s Embrace
~ a Christmas meditation on the gifts of love
The feeling of being loved by an invisible source grows exponentially as we notice the gifts of love that we receive every day. Even gifts from human beings are not just from those fine individuals, because their love is part of a continuum of love that preexisted their birth. Thus, a gift from one person is a gift from the Creator of love and the creator of gifts. No one can say, “I created love. I created beauty,” no matter how far back in history one goes. more
One Day Our Soul Will Smile
On June 1, 2019, I found myself very comforted during a late-night prayer with a message about love and the confidence that the day will come for each person when their soul will smile.
Think of how many people look and feel. They are exhausted by their pain. They may know that they were created to feel differently, but they cannot muster the spark that will light the fire of love that will one day burst forth from their soul. They are too tired at the moment. more
Is There a God and What is God Like?
~ Exploring the evidence of love

Written on November 28, 2017
The essay below was originally published as a video on YouTube. I've finally published the text version here, with all of the photos and artwork that are in the video.
Is it non-intellectual and foolish to believe that God exists? Is there any evidence in the world around us that will demonstrate that God exists and also show us what God is like? more
2019 New Year's Day Divine Writing Message:
Open all of your senses to my continuous embrace of love.
I received the following message from God, in prayer on January 1, 2019, New Year's Day, during a Divine Writing Communion session. more
Peter Falkenberg Brown
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