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Ana B'Koach

~ from the CD "Judaic Love Songs" by Shirona ~

Feb 10, 2008

A number of weeks ago, I was searching the web with the phrase "miracle prayer".

I ran across some text about an ancient Jewish prayer called "Ana B'Koach". It has been said that it has mystical power; perhaps because it's been prayed for almost two thousand years; perhaps because it contains the "42 Letter Name of God", as it is described at this Kabbalist website.

As I read more about it, I found a recording of the prayer, set to music and sung by a Jewish cantor named Shirona. She has included it in a CD of "Judaic Love Songs".

Her website, at, has short clips of each song. When I listened to the clip from Ana B'Koach, I was completely blown away. Her voice is beautiful and the song is beautiful, and the fact that it's a holy prayer makes it even more amazing. I intend to purchase her CD as soon as possible. Until then, I have listened to that short clip many times; each time it's as if I'm being washed by the spirit of God's love -- really!

Her website has a quote from the Zohar: "There are Places in Heaven that are Open Only to the Voice of Song." I believe it.

Her bio states:

[Presently Shirona is the full time Cantor at Congregation KTI in Port Chester NY. She continues to compose and record original Jewish Liturgical music. Recently two of her compositions were finalists in the "Shalshelet Festival for New Jewish Liturgical Music", with a gala inaugural concert in November 2004 in DC. Her music is featured in many collections – Craig Taubman's "Celebrate Shabbat" and "Narrow Bridge", Transcontinental's "Shabbat Anthology I", and the CA's "Zamru Lo".]

I highly recommend her CD! (Update: I've purchased it.)

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Peter Falkenberg Brown
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