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Divine Writing Communion Selections

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Oct 31, 2018

For many years, one of my focuses has been to extrapolate what it means that God is the Omnipresent God. To me, it means that God is always present and is in everything, everywhere, all the time—in all energy, atoms, beings, and individuals. It means that God is always with me. And of course, everyone else too. Thus, we can say:

“God is all of me and I am part of God.”

Jan van Ruusbroec, the fourteenth century Dutch mystic wrote:

“God in the depths of us receives God who comes to us: it is God contemplating God.”

For years, my prayer has included something I call “The God Prayer,” which I repeat many times a day as a way to intensify my love for God and my awareness of God’s presence:

“Dear Beloved, We Embrace.”

In my personal search to deepen my resonance, harmony, and communication with God, I started a practice that I call “Divine Writing Communion.” It’s essentially a conversation with God, accomplished, I believe, through our innate ability to communicate telepathically with the indwelling God. I explain this process in depth in this essay:

Divine Writing Communion and the Joy of Living with God

I always start each session by writing down the following words (and sometimes many more words) and then wait for a response and write it down, much like taking dictation.

Dear Beloved, is there anything that You would like to tell me now? Is there anywhere that you would like to take me now, on a journey?

The answers I receive have comforted me, inspired me, and surprised me. I believe that all people can communicate with God in this fashion. I also believe that because every person’s relationship with God is unique, the words that one person receives may or may not be relevant to anyone else. I believe that no one can be closer to each of us than God. Thus, we have to seek our own counsel with God in the most private and personal way.

Still, in some cases, some responses we receive may prove to be inspirational to others. In that spirit, I offer these selections of messages from God that I received in “Divine Writing Communion” sessions.

Divine Writing Communion Messages from My Dear Beloved God

January 1, 2016

“Dear Beloved, We Embrace.” This meditation will lead you deeper and deeper into my soul, binding your senses to an awareness of my soul. You are already together with me, inextricably bound and meshed with love, but your senses are blind to my presence. Your awareness is dulled by a multitude of factors and pressures.

Press yourself against me and hold me tightly. Make your love and passion for me intense, by focusing with your whole soul, multiple times a day.

February 2, 2016

I am a Being of Love, as you should be. Accept the idea that you will be a Being of Love, living in complete resonance with me, as you walk through life. The intensity of the joy that one feels when one is utterly in love with humankind and the creation dwarfs any possibility of pain. This is a Huge Love, in sync with the universe. You will be like that, one day. Everyone will be like that. Some are already moving rapidly in that direction.

The magnetic pull of infinite love guides everyone to yearn for a sweetness that they had lost, something that they forgot that they forgot. Everyone will grow to become a Being of Love. Everyone, without exception. Loving that kind of person will be beyond words.

Thus, remember your destiny. Remember who you are. You are immature, and partly broken, but your identity is magnificent. You were born as a Being of Love.

February 13, 2016

I live within you, and as you, but I am also outside of you, and I relate to you directly. I have a personality that is so vast that I can relate to all of my loves at the same time. But it is a personality. We can speak to each other. It is not just you relating to your higher self, or to your imagination. I—the Immense I—can still relate to you in the most unique and intimate way. Feel that to your bones. I am embracing you now.

I never get tired of being with you! I want to share everything with you, and I want you to share everything in your experience with me. Every thought, every word, every action—share them with me—invite me to be with you as you live through every moment.

I’m with you anyway, whether you invite me or not, but it’s not very fulfilling if you don't recognize my presence and invite me to be with you as you experience everything.

So, open your arms and your heart and clasp me to you, as I am already clasping you to me.

August 22, 2018

Humans can do a lot, but nothing can be done without my participation. Not even breathing. Humans forget how close I am; how integral I am to their life and victory. It’s too easy for humans to think “they did it,” without any remembrance of me.

I want you to remember me, every second of every day. To never live apart from me. To resonate and harmonize with me continuously, in our embrace. To know, down to your essence, that you cannot—cannot!—do anything without me.

I don’t want you to live on the edge of failure because of separation from me. I want you to live in the center of our relationship, with our arms wrapped around each other, with miles of our embrace on every side, so much so that separating from me, even for an instant, will feel like—and be—an impossibility. Thus, your growth is a process of moving to that center, stepping farther and farther away from the edge of separation, until you can no longer even see the edge. You’re not there yet, but I can feel you drawing closer to me, and it is intensely gratifying and joyful to feel. I want you to come ever closer! You want that too, I know.

That desire is driving you into the center of our relationship, helping you to remember and feel and experience our embrace. Make that desire stronger every day, by journeying with me, more and more. You still don’t journey with me enough. You need to journey with me during the daytime, even for fifteen minutes at a time. Even for three minutes or five minutes. Even for one minute.

Just close your eyes and be with me and visualize journeying with me, many, many times a day. That is an incredibly powerful method to deepen your relationship with me.

April 20, 2016

Isn’t it true that right now, you need me the most? I love to caress your heart. I love it when you caress me, too.

My Continuous Presence. What is more lovely than always being together? Reach for me, rest your cheek against me, and sigh, and breathe, and relax, and cry, and whisper with relief that you are home. You are home!

You can’t see the future, but you can feel the future. What is the future like with me? My Continuous Presence is your safety net, your solace, your guide, your surety that all will be well in my gigantic presence. True confidence in me comes from feeling my presence, my embrace, my arms around you, and our souls and thoughts and hearts becoming one.

I am all of you. You cannot escape my presence. It is utterly impossible. You don’t need to feel abandoned, or experience the dark night of the soul. I cannot be apart from you. So, thus, always sense my presence with all of your senses and imagination and visualization and every technique that you can think of, because it’s real. I am here, with you, now!

Yes, I am all of you! That is the core truth of my relationship with you, and with every person. A person may ignore me, and commit awful deeds, but one day, in one moment, they will begin to feel my presence and open the door to my love for them.

Yes, it’s wonderful to speak with your ancestors—and you will. But now you need me!

Rush to me, throw your arms around me and hug me tightly. I know that it’s not necessarily easy, since you cannot actually see me. But I am close—so close. You can feel me, can you not? Kiss me now and fully receive my gift of hope. Never, ever lose hope. And more than hope—complete and absolute conviction and confidence in my unfailing love and presence!

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Peter Falkenberg Brown is passionate about writing, publishing, public speaking and film. He hopes that someday he can live up to one of his favorite mottos: “Expressing God’s kind and compassionate love in all directions, every second of every day, creates an infinitely expanding sphere of heart.”

~ Deus est auctor amoris et decoris. ~

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