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Culture and Politics

This section is focused on the many issues of culture and politics. This includes a variety of cultural issues such as marriage and family as well as educational topics. The overriding theme is that freedom, rooted in unselfish ethics and the classical virtues, is the core attribute of human success. It is also the dividing line between the left and the right in politics.

I do my best to not be divisive, because I truly believe that all humans are equal and incarnational children of the same parental God. At the same time, I feel that it's very important to stand up for the sacred freedoms that all humans are given by God. Thus, I think it's unavoidable that freedom-loving people should push back against political and cultural totalitarianism. Ultimately, one hopes that those individuals who support or pursue totalitarianism will change their hearts and minds and stand up for freedom as well.

In the Undeclared War of 2024, Liberals and Conservatives Must Create an Alliance to Defend American Freedoms
I am not suggesting acts of violence. Instead, we must use every possible legal avenue to prevent the totalitarian takeover of America.

~ I think it’s a strong possibility that Biden and the Left will activate hostile illegal aliens and domestic rioters to commit acts of violence, murder, and terror across America, to such a tragic degree that Biden will then have an excuse to declare martial law and cancel the November elections. I think that’s their plan. Whether they can carry it out is another matter.
In the last three years since Joe Biden was sworn in as President, large numbers of liberals have come to realize that the fanatical members of the hard-left are not their friends, and more specifically, are not the friends of liberty. more
In Defense of Jews, Israel, and the Sacred Individual
I expect anti-Semitism from Neo-Nazis and actual white supremacists. I expect it from Orthodox Muslims who follow the teachings of the Qur’an, verse 2:191, to “kill them wherever you find them.” I expect it from ignorant students rioting across American campuses, led by paid activists to support murderous, genocidal attacks by Hamas. I expect it from Leftists and Marxists who view religious people, including Christians and Jews, as impediments to their atheistic, totalitarian plans.

But I was profoundly disappointed and shocked to discover a growing anti-Semitism in the ranks of patriotic conservatives. It caught me by surprise. more
Freedom of Speech and the Offense of Political Correctness
Do you value freedom of speech? Do you think that political correctness has gone too far? Are you frustrated with the rhetoric of social justice warriors? Are you looking for ways to cut through all the PC confusion with clarity and truth? You are not alone. more
Freedom or Slavery in 2024?
All emotionally healthy people desire freedom for themselves. This is a true, common ground for all human beings. No one wants to be enslaved.

Thus, if it violates our personal morality when someone tries to enslave us, it must then follow that it is immoral for us to enslave anyone else. Can we each admit that this is true? It should seem so, but the reality of enslavement reveals a great divide in the human race. Slavery takes many forms but all of them exist because of an emotional and spiritual deficit in the hearts of the perpetrators and their supporters. more
Should We Allow Islam to Destroy Civilization?
  • There are millions of moderate, good-hearted, freedom-loving Muslims around the globe who do not want to destroy civilization. But their forces are not dominant.
  • Orthodox Islam teaches hostility toward unbelievers and commands its followers to conquer all non-Islamic countries and create a global caliphate. Nations such as Iran and Saudi Arabia are actively promoting and funding violent jihad.
  • The West has been lulled asleep about the dangers of Orthodox Islam and has fallen prey to the stultifying canard of “Islamophobia” that prevents rational critiques of Islam.
  • The West (and the rest of the world) is in danger of losing its freedoms to Orthodox Islam. Will it wake up in time?
There Is NO Moral Equivalence Between Hamas/Orthodox Islam and Israel and the Jews of the World
Some things ARE binary. Hitler and the Nazis were evil; their actions made them so. They were not morally equivalent to the Allied forces.

The ACTIONS of Orthodox Muslims over the years (Jihadis are among that group) have demonstrated that their actions were and are evil.

I’m not referring to “good-hearted Muslims.” I’m talking about the Muslims who ran the slave trade in Africa, who invaded country after country, turning Christian countries into Muslim ones---by the brutal power of the sword. Check the webpage “The Tears of Jihad,” which documents that Islam has killed over 270 million civilians in the last 1,400 years. FAR more than Marxism. more
The Sound of Freedom and Islam’s Approval of Pedophilia and Rape
I watched an interview with Ballard, Caviezel, and Jordan Peterson in which Ballard stated that the United States was one of the largest consumers of pedophilia and its related materials. I find this horrifying, of course, and I feel deeply disappointed that our country’s culture has sunk so low and moved so far away from the sacred love created by God. At the same time, I believe that attention needs to be given to a different civilization that has a deep entanglement with the sexual abuse of girls and women: the global political/religious culture of Islam. This is a shocking topic and will create outrage in many circles. But it is entirely documented in Islamic doctrine, history, and current events around the world. more
If You Value Love and Freedom, Then Reject the Totalitarian Oligarchs
~ this just-published video and essay were produced in 2022, but still apply today
Do you want to live in freedom with the autonomy to conduct your affairs as you wish? Live where you want? Eat what you want? Travel at will? Believe whatever you like and speak your mind about your beliefs and thoughts? Strive to get the job you prefer, or make a business doing what you love? more
In 2030 and in Every Year, We Must Be Free
~ a statement for all people who value human freedom ~
In 2030 and in every year, we must be free. We must not be owned by anyone. Whether we believe in God as the source of our sacred freedoms or not, do we not all agree that each of us must reject the chains of every type of slavery? more
Totalitarians Caused and Committed the Three Mass Murders of Covid
There are Three Mass Murders of Covid: Making the Virus, Blocking the Cures, and Making Killer “Vaccines” more
Peter Falkenberg Brown
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