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COVID-19 Lockdowns, Mask and Vaccine Mandates, and the Rejection of Cures: Are They Crimes against Humanity?

This substantially updated article was first published on March 26, 2021

Dec 2, 2021

By now, in December of 2021, millions of Americans are familiar with the scandalous events that have resulted in the millions of unnecessary deaths from Covid-19. Yet, astonishingly, an equal number of Americans are still on the other side of the aisle and have rejected all dialogue about Covid cures, masks, vaccines, and lockdowns.

Fear of Covid is understandable. Hostile opposition to any discussion about Covid is indefensible, totalitarian, and completely unscientific. Science requires vigorous debate to actually be science.

As we enter winter, with the threat of new lockdowns because of manufactured hysteria about the Omicron variant, let’s step back and take a bird’s eye view of what the Covid establishment authorities have done to America and the world over the last two years.

Death by Hospital

I’ll start with a headline from December 1, 2021, at The Epoch Times: “Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital to Administer Ivermectin.” In the article, Matthew Vadum writes of the seventy-one-year-old patient’s ordeal:

After an Illinois hospital insisted on administering expensive remdesivir to the patient and the treatment failed, his life was saved after a court ordered that an outside medical doctor be allowed to use the inexpensive ivermectin to treat him, over the hospital’s strenuous objections.1

I begin with this item because it’s central to the crime of the Covid narrative. Large percentages of the populations of the world are deeply afraid of dying from Covid, but treatments have existed from the beginning that could have prevented or cured almost all Covid cases, thus minimizing the global fear that resulted in lockdowns, masks, and vaccine mandates.

But those treatments were blocked and are still being blocked, to such a degree that Covid-Narrative individuals don’t even want to talk about them and instead live in fear. One must ask: why would a hospital block the use of Ivermectin when the patient is inches from death? The moral of the story is this: do your utmost to avoid going to the hospital with Covid because you will probably not get the treatment you need to recover.

Early Treatments

In March of 2020, I was thrilled to read that Israel was donating ten million doses of hydroxychloroquine to the United States. The Breitbart article, titled “Israeli Firm Donates to U.S. Ten Million Pills Touted by Trump for Coronavirus Treatment,”2 was excellent news, in my opinion, for one enormous reason.

The “HCQ” protocol (Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Azithromycin) outlined in the article had already started to save lives if the medicines were given when the patients first displayed symptoms. My commonsense reaction to that news was:

Wonderful! Give everyone HCQ if they get sick, and most will be cured very quickly. Millions of lives will be saved. No lockdowns or masks are necessary. Society can continue as usual.

But it was not to be.

As we all know, HCQ was rejected as a cure, with dire warnings of the “dangers” of hydroxychloroquine, even though doctors continue to this day to routinely prescribe it for non-Covid treatments; even though it’s been safely taken, over the counter, all over Africa for decades to ward off malaria; even though some courageous doctors continue to prescribe it and continue to save hundreds and thousands of lives.

Many doctors testified very early in the pandemic about real results with HCQ and their subsequent frustration with the global blocking of HCQ as a cure, including the Yale Professor of Epidemiology, Dr. Harvey Risch, when he wrote in the July 23, 2020, Newsweek article “The Key to Defeating COVID-19 Already Exists. We Need to Start Using It”:

On May 27, I published an article in the American Journal of Epidemiology (AJE) entitled, “Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk COVID-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to the Pandemic Crisis.” That article, published in the world’s leading epidemiology journal, analyzed five studies, demonstrating clear-cut and significant benefits to treated patients, plus other very large studies that showed the medication safety.3

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a physician from upstate New York, used hydroxychloroquine and zinc in early 2020 and was remarkably successful. On July 7, 2021, he reported on the opposition and censorship he encountered in a must-see, one-hour video interview with author John Locke.4

With HCQ discredited by the medical powers-that-be and the mainstream media, many resourceful doctors adopted Ivermectin, which acts in a similar fashion to hydroxychloroquine as a “zinc ionophore,” enabling the zinc to get into the cells and stop the multiplication of the Coronavirus. Dr. Pierre Kory and the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance have voluminous research on the efficacy and safety of ivermectin at their website.5

In a March 10, 2021 article for RealClear Politics titled ”Censorship Kills: The Shunning of a COVID Therapeutic,” Kory wrote:

Physicians across the country are fighting a pernicious campaign to denigrate all potential treatments not first championed by the authorities, and others have faced retaliation for speaking up. Sadly, too many of our institutions are using the pandemic as a pretext to centralize control over the practice of medicine, persecuting and canceling doctors who follow their clinical judgment and expertise.

Actually “following the science” means listening to practitioners and considering the entirety and diversity of clinical studies. That’s exactly what my colleagues and I have done. We won’t be cowed. We will speak up for our patients and do what’s right.6

HCQ, Ivermectin, and zinc also work as preventative medicines. Dennis Prager relates his family’s experience with HCQ in a February 9, 2021 article for The Epoch Times, writing:

For the record, I put my medicines where my mouth is. I have been taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc (as well as vitamin D and selenium) on a regular basis for half a year, and ivermectin for the past three months. More for the record: During this time, I have hugged hundreds of strangers at various events around the country, maskless. In addition, at home, I live with four people: my wife, two stepsons, and the fiancée of one of the sons. That couple, both in their mid-20s, developed symptoms and then tested positive for COVID-19 a month ago. They were the only two members of the family not to be on hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin. And while they were ill, my wife and I practiced no social distancing, wore no masks in the house and tested negative twice (as responsible citizens, we quarantined at home for 14 days).

The son and his fiancée immediately began a course of treatment of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, ivermectin, vitamin D, and selenium, and within half a day, they were feeling better. A few days later, all their symptoms had vanished.7

On October 18, 2021, Prager announced that he had gotten Covid and had taken the Hydroxychloroquine / Ivermectin protocols. He fully recovered and shared his experience in a November 9, 2021 article for Townhall, stating:

My COVID-19 symptoms consisted of chills for three days, a cough and fatigue for about a week and loss of taste for a day. I missed three days of radio but did not miss a speech (I flew from California to Florida to deliver a speech five days after testing negative).8

The medical establishment has dismissed HCQ and Ivermectin and thus must answer this question, the title of Prager’s Epoch Times op-ed above:

How Many Americans Has the American Medical Establishment Killed?

It has now been demonstrated thousands of times that a safe, inexpensive, early-treatment cure for Covid is available, and hospitalization and death can be avoided most of the time. People do not need to be afraid of Covid—if they can get the medicines.

The drugs can be used in a preventative regimen and as an active cure. There are a number of national telehealth services with doctors who prescribe the meds, including, through which anyone in the USA can legally obtain HCQ and Ivermectin, shipped directly to your door. At the time of this writing, it’s about $60 for the consult and around $60 for the meds, depending on which ones you get.

I got prescriptions for both the preventative and the active medicines because it has been stated by doctors that if one ever does get Covid, taking the medicines within the first day or two is critical, and the ordering and shipping process is too slow.

Tragically for humanity, instead of recommending these medicines and curing people of Covid as soon as they get it (and thus preventing hospitalizations and deaths), medical bureaucrats, government officials, liberal governors and mayors, and the mainstream media have chosen a different route. I also think that more doctors need to stand up against this tyranny, but it is true that they risk their careers to do so. Still...

Rejecting the Cure: Lockdowns, Masks, and Vaccine Mandates

Since the “Covid Cartel” said no cure was available (ignoring HCQ and Ivermectin) and since computer models that were later discovered to be false predicted millions of deaths, the only recourse, in their “scientific opinion,” has been to:

  1. Quarantine the healthy and lock down society. To hell with the consequences. Fear and hysteria will rule the day.
  2. Wear masks, even though studies have clearly shown that the pores of masks are much too large to stop microscopic Coronavirus particles.
  3. Create an alliance between governments, the medical establishment, the media, and Big Tech to censor any disagreement with Covid policies. If someone disagrees with “official policies,” remove their articles and videos, and ban them altogether if they continue to misbehave. Work very hard to shut down dissent. Label all dissent as “conspiracy theories.”
  4. Create an environment of intolerance among citizens toward anyone who disagrees. Push the intolerance to a fever pitch so that friends and family members, co-workers, and random people one meets in a store become outraged at people who don’t wear a mask or voice a different opinion.
  5. Create “vaccines” to prevent Covid and mandate them for the entire world population. Ignore the facts that the vaccines are not actual vaccines, don’t work, and are dangerous.

Masks and Lockdowns

Is the intolerance toward opposing Covid views based “on science,” as the scornful party-liners allege? What about “the cult of masks”?

Daniel Horowitz, writing for The Blaze on March 2, 2021, stated that:

One study that examined a sample of over 11,000 particles found that over 90% of SARS-CoV-2 particles were smaller than 0.3 microns, which clearly means this virus is primarily an airborne transmission virus. Most people who are together indoors for long periods of time, who are responsible for most of the transmission, wear cloth masks. Studies have shown most cloth masks have pores between 80 to 500 micrometers and that they expand with each washing. It is simply ludicrous to suggest that they can have any degree of efficacy, any more than using a screen door on a submarine.

Horowitz’s article addresses the issue of forcing children to wear masks, asking:

How can we permanently mask our children, beginning with toddlers, based on such anti-scientific insanity?9

We’ve all seen the harm that lockdowns and mandated masks have done to both children and adults, to our family and friends, to the education of our children, to businesses of every size, to incomes and livelihoods, to goals and projects and personal dreams.

How much damage has been done worldwide? It is literally incalculable.

Now, in December 2021, when many people are thinking, “Hey, this can’t go on forever,” it actually seems to be going on forever—at least in states run by liberal governors who use the excuse that they have to declare a state of emergency in order to qualify for federal money. The immorality of that is dark indeed.

Starting with Texas and Mississippi, some conservative states have ended the lockdowns and mask mandates almost completely. Yet far too many liberal states and cities like New York City and Los Angeles are keeping their citizens and economies in a virtual prison.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has turned into a one-man flip-flopping doom machine, with recommendations to wear multiple masks10 and to wear masks into 202211—and the CDC has played along, joined by the media and liberal elites.

Vaccines and Gulags

And now we have the issue of vaccines. I’m not an “antivaxxer.” I’ve had quite a number of vaccines in my life. But the new Covid vaccines have two very large problems:

  1. They haven’t been tested for an adequate amount of time and have potential side effects that are very serious (including heart attacks and death), as detailed at America’s Frontline Doctors12 and documented at the CDC’s “VAERS” (“Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System”) database, presented in summary form at

    As of December 1, 2021, OpenVaers reports 19,249 deaths from the vaccines and 913,266 serious adverse events from the vaccines. Note that doctors believe that VAERS numbers are under-reported.

    Why isn’t the media reporting that at least 20,000 people or more have died from the so-called vaccines? Just to be clear: 20,000 people is a LOT.

    To put faces to the vaccine deaths, the Gateway Pundit published an article on December 1, 2021, titled “Scottish Rugby Player Siobhan Cattigan Dies Suddenly at the Age of 26.” The article references the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung and its report that twenty-four soccer players have been affected by sudden heart conditions in the last few months. Although these soccer player incidents have not been reported as vaccine-related, it is very strange and has probably never happened before.13
  2. The totalitarian nature of the Covid lockdowns and mask mandates has moved to the process of vaccinations, affecting individuals who want to make up their own minds about whether or not to get vaccinated. Government and business efforts to create vaccination passports are in full swing, and the unvaccinated are being fired from jobs and marginalized in every possible way.

Australia is a virtual prison for the unvaccinated,14 and Austria has announced compulsory national vaccination for citizens, with almost no exceptions.15 16

Ironically, as the almost fully vaccinated countries of Ireland, Israel, and Gibraltar17 have demonstrated, the vaccinated are spreading Covid faster than the unvaccinated. But the media won’t tell you that.

To me, the primary questions about Covid vaccine mandates are:

Why? Why does the Covid Cartel want to vaccinate the entire world by force with untested injections that change a person’s DNA?

Is it only the billions of dollars of profit that vaccine stakeholders make, or is it even more nefarious: an injectable form of identification control?

Or is it a depopulation project as well? Or all three?

The drive to vaccinate the whole world has entered the realm of guilt and accusation, based on the premise that people won’t be able to be free of lockdowns and masks until everyone gets vaccinated. So, if you don’t want to get vaccinated, you’re forcing the “good” vaccinated citizens to suffer more. The CDC stated:

Until every person in the U.S. can get a COVID-19 vaccine, continue to wear a mask, keep at least 6 feet between yourself and others, avoid crowds, and wash your hands often.18

This is masterful and diabolical manipulation: to turn citizens against each other and to create a class of citizens who look down on, attack, and report those who disagree. Parallels to this were seen in the oppression of Hitler’s Germany, Soviet Russia, Mao’s Red Guards, and totalitarian societies throughout history. This is America and the world in 2021.

It’s Time to Stop the Covid Cartel

The controversies about how to deal with Covid have divided our societies across the world in a tragic fashion and have accentuated the already destructive divisions that have poisoned political dialogue over the last few years.

It is especially grievous that Covid party-liners are so convinced about their “rightness” that most will not read articles like this and certainly won’t believe them if they do, “because science.” But whose science are they believing?

As of December 1, 2021, almost a million people, including 59,632 medical and public health scientists and medical practitioners, have signed a statement against the lockdowns called “The Great Barrington Declaration.”19 Sixty-thousand medical professionals is not a trivial number. But still, those suffering from the Covid mass delusion ignore all of this.

Now, in 2021, freedom-loving, rational people from across the political spectrum must review the facts.

According to NBC (ignoring alleged vast miscategorizations of deaths as Covid, which is another serious scandal), over 4 million people have died from Covid worldwide.20 If HCQ, Ivermectin, and other cures had been deployed, how many people would have been saved? Eighty-five percent, as Vladimir Zelenko suggested in his July 7th interview?

If so, it means that by not deploying early treatments, the Covid Cartel of Leftist elites and their liberal enablers are responsible for 3.4 million deaths in the last two years that did not have to happen. My friend Steve did not have to die. Many of you have friends or family who died that did not have to. Because of their lockdown mandates, the members of the Covid Cartel are responsible for the destruction of national economies and the well-being of billions of humans around the globe.

Therefore, we must all ask these critical-thinking questions:

By rejecting HCQ, Ivermectin, and other Covid cures, and instead forcing lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates on entire populations across the globe, have those in power committed crimes against humanity?

Is Dr. Anthony Fauci primarily responsible for the 785,231 Covid deaths in America?

If a doctor withholds medicines that would cure a dying patient, is that action murder? If the doctor prevents hundreds of thousands of patients from receiving those medicines, is that action mass murder?

Has all of this Covid tragedy simply been the result of a plan by a “Covid Cartel” to seize power, create a global totalitarian society, and make billions of dollars in the process?

I believe that the answers to these questions are “yes.” I believe that Dr. Anthony Fauci and many others should all be called to account in Nuremberg-style trials, both to seek justice for the millions who were harmed and also to halt the totalitarian actions of the Covid overlords. Freedom-loving Americans, both liberals and conservatives, must act on these issues.

It’s time to stop the unnecessary Covid deaths, the slave-like mask and vaccine mandates, and the country-destroying lockdowns. The time is now.


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