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If You Value Love and Freedom, Then Reject the Totalitarian Oligarchs

~ this just-published video and essay were produced in 2022, but still apply today

Jun 27, 2023

Here's the text of the video.

I’m addressing this essay to everyone: Republicans, Democrats, Right Wing, Left Wing, and no Wing at all. If you’re human, and remember that you were once a child reaching for your mother’s hugs, then you, every single one of you, at some point in your life, valued love. And if you’re human, you value freedom, too.

Not me, you say? Can you declare: “I hate love and freedom. Phooey on sentiment. Just the facts, ma’am.” Really? You think that way? So dig deeper! I don’t believe that anyone really thinks like that, deep down.

Okay, you’ve got the totalitarian oligarchs I mentioned. But even they value love and freedom for themselves! Although, they’ve tragically lost touch with their soul’s desire to love others.

This isn’t a political topic. It might seem like it, but it’s not. It’s about the misuse of Power and the need for Freedom, but most of all it’s about the value of love. And those things apply to everyone.

Let’s make it really, really personal. Let’s make it about YOU. Do you want to live in freedom with the autonomy to conduct your affairs as you wish? Live where you want? Eat what you want? Travel at will? Believe whatever you like and speak your mind about your beliefs and thoughts? Strive to get the job you prefer, or make a business doing what you love?

Don’t get theoretical or political. Stay in your personal space and be honest. Of course, you want those freedoms! Everyone does.

Since you want those things, then it becomes clear that YOU don’t want to be dominated by a dictator class of oligarchs. You don’t want anyone coming into your home and saying, “You can’t read that, say that, watch that, do that, eat that, or do any of the things you want to do, because, too bad for you, but we’re in charge!”

You might make some excuse that it’s okay for others (those Bad People) to be managed and dominated “for the public good.” But put yourself in their position, and it becomes crystal clear that YOU wouldn’t like it all.

And that’s normal! Humans love freedom. Freedom of thought, speech, religion, assembly, and a whole lot more.

So, here we are in 2023, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be aware that many freedoms have been curtailed in the last three years. Lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates have been imposed by elected and unelected oligarchs who have forced their will on billions of people around the world.

Okay, maybe I lost you there because you agree with the Covid restrictions and rules because, you know, Covid! We gotta save humanity, so just take the darn jab and don’t be selfish!

But go deep! Search within your heart and soul and ask yourself if there isn’t something dreadfully dictatorial about the events of the last three years.

Look at free speech. It’s in the toilet. It really is. Censorship has spread like a blight across the world and has made it almost impossible to have a dispassionate, fair, respectful discussion about the pros and cons of anything to do with Covid.

From family members and friends to Big Tech online platforms to jobs and the public forum, disagreement with the “Covid Narrative” causes everything from banning to job loss to hysterical meltdowns.

Do you think that’s normal and good for society? I don’t. If you agree with the Covid narrative, you might be thinking, “No big deal. Those anti-vaxxers! Deplorables!”

But put the shoe on the other foot and make it personal. What if YOUR views were the unpopular ones and you were being censored? Would you like it? Of course not.

So, why have I connected “love” to this discussion? Because totalitarians do not love their victims and because IF you love someone, it’s normal to want them to be free.

Isn’t it safe to assume that YOU think love for others is a Good Thing? Most of us would say YES! Then the next logical step is to reject totalitarian oligarchs of every stripe. Reject the lies and power plays of Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong Un. Reject the dictatorial mandates of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, and any globalist who wants you to own nothing and be happy while you eat bugs for breakfast. Because we all know that THEY are NOT going to eat bugs. They’re “special.”

And honestly ask yourself: have the leaders of the Biden administration and the hard-left leaders of the Democratic party demonstrated a commitment to more individual freedom or less?

I leave you with that question to ponder.


Peter Falkenberg Brown is passionate about writing, publishing, public speaking and film. He hopes that someday he can live up to one of his favorite mottos: “Expressing God’s kind and compassionate love in all directions, every second of every day, creates an infinitely expanding sphere of heart.”

~ Deus est auctor amoris et decoris. ~

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Peter Falkenberg Brown
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