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In Defense of Jews, Israel, and the Sacred Individual

May 14, 2024

I am a Christian. A Gentile. An American. And . . . I love the Jewish people and the Nation of Israel. This makes me unpopular with anti-Semites; those who hate the Jews and blame them for the ills of the world.

I expect anti-Semitism from Neo-Nazis and actual white supremacists. I expect it from Orthodox Muslims who follow the teachings of the Qur’an, verse 2:191, to “kill them wherever you find them.” I expect it from ignorant students rioting across American campuses, led by paid activists to support murderous, genocidal attacks by Hamas. I expect it from Leftists and Marxists who view religious people, including Christians and Jews, as impediments to their atheistic, totalitarian plans.

The Rise of Conservative Anti-Semitism

But I was profoundly disappointed and shocked to discover a growing anti-Semitism in the ranks of patriotic conservatives. It caught me by surprise. I did a double-take when I read the words of conservatives blithely stating that a cabal of Jews and the nation of Israel were responsible for just about everything “bad in the world.” I said, “What? What did I just read?” But it has gotten worse, and now it seems that some conservatives are on the side of the Palestinians and Hamas and are blaming Israel and “the Jewish Cabal” for “massacring” the people of Gaza, while virtually ignoring the Hamas massacre of Jews on October 7, 2023.

How did these conservatives fall into the pit of anti-Semitism? I took their various references and comments and began to research their sources and found what I can only describe as a swamp of allegations and conspiracy theories. Hours and hours and hours of videos by individuals who talk of secret (and mostly unproven and undocumented) “truths” that “normies” don’t understand.

I found the term “normie” both offensive and ridiculous. What does it actually mean? That we don’t have their secret decoder ring? If truth is truth, then let it be known as truth for all—and prove it.

It helps no one to create a wall behind which hidden knowledge is found, understood only by “those in the know.” And if we are “normies,” what are they? “Abnormies?” “Truther” is one term, although it is used as a pejorative by many, including totalitarian leftists who lie for a living. I recommend that the terms be dropped and we dig into what is real; that we examine evidence that we all can see and analyze as members of the human race.

I will not attempt an extensive rebuttal of all of their theories, partly because it would become an enormous article and partly because I think that there’s a better way to address the issues, based on spiritual and ethical values and common sense. Before I embark on that attempt, here’s a snapshot of some of the anti-Jewish theories that I’ve run into in conservative circles.

Propaganda and Disinformation:
The Khazarian Mafia and The Protocols of Zion

Chief among the anti-Semitic theories is the allegation that around A.D. 800, the King and the citizens of Khazaria, a kingdom on the Black Sea, converted to Judaism under duress and subsequently evolved into a dominant force in Judaism. They are referred to by conservatives as “the Khazarian Mafia” and are said to follow The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which details the Jewish plan for world domination.

One of the major articles pushing the Khazarian Mafia “history” is chock-full of allegations without documentation.1 As it turns out, there is no evidence that the Khazars converted to Judaism and no evidence that modern Jews are descended from them. Writing for the periodical Jewish Social Studies and quoted in the magazine Forward, Prof. Shaul Stampfer stated:

There never was a conversion by the Khazar king or the Khazar elite. The conversion of the Khazars is a myth with no factual basis.2

Stampfer’s conclusions were seconded by a linguist studying the language connections between Khazaria and Yiddish. In the publication Forward, Alexander Beider wrote:

Globally speaking, all arguments suggested by proponents of Khazarian theory are either highly speculative or simply wrong. They cannot be taken seriously.

This has never stopped the theory from being popular. But the ideological reasons for this are for another article.3

The Protocols have also been thoroughly debunked as fake. They were based in part on a pamphlet by the French satirist Maurice Joly, written in 1864 and ultimately revised by the Okhrana, the Russian secret police, between 1893 and 1895, retitled as the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”4

The Soviet-studies expert J. R. Nyquist wrote:

When Hitler was presented with proof that The Protocols was a forgery, he snarled that it didn’t matter because the book was “true in principle” anyway.5

The Protocols have been actively and vigorously disseminated around the world by many individuals and groups, including Henry Ford and the Soviet KGB. As reported by Kenneth R. Timmerman in Tablet Magazine, a former deputy chief of Romania’s intelligence service, Ion Mihai Pacepa, stated that the KGB “distributed several hundred thousand copies of the Protocols in Arabic” with the goal to “persuade the Islamic world that Israel and the United States intended to transform the rest of the world into a Zionist fiefdom.”6

The role of malicious propaganda in forming public opinion is too often ignored by intelligent, thinking people, both young and old, who should know better. Pacepa recalled:

As that very clever master of deception Yuri Andropov once told me, if a good piece of disinformation is repeated over and over, after a while it will take on a life of its own and will—all by itself—generate a horde of unwitting but passionate advocates.7

This is easy to understand. If a false rumor is started in a small village and then repeated across many households as fact that “John Smith committed a heinous __fill in the blank__ crime,” it is highly probable that John Smith’s reputation and career would be quickly over. Without any proof at all.

Disinformation can be used by propagandists to attack one person, or an entire country or group. Sometimes the propaganda is strengthened by hostility already present. The anti-Jew hatred in the Muslim world was created by the words and actions of Mohammed, the Qur’an, and the Islamic Hadiths. Distributing Arabic copies of the fraudulent Protocols only made their hatred toward Jews much, much worse.

It is tragic that non-Muslims are also being affected by documents like The Protocols. It has indeed convinced a large group of “unwitting but passionate advocates.” Anti-Jewish and anti-Israel individuals, both young and old, are victims of this malicious propaganda. They haven’t been able to separate propaganda from fact—but it’s desperately important to do so, to keep civilization on track. Do we really want another holocaust?

The “Khazarian Mafia” propaganda states that “evil Jews” are in positions of immense power and wealth; are the central driving force of history; and are the controlling power in the state of Israel. Thus, according to the Khazarian Mafia theory, a large percentage of the evils of the world are because of Israel and the Jews.

Some conservative proponents of these theories attempt to draw a line and admit that “some Jews are good people, i.e. are not members of the Khazarian Mafia.” However, it’s a difficult line to hold, and to my dismay, conservatives who should know better say things or share information that pretty much lumps all Jews—and Israel—into the Evil Bin.

The first problem with the theory of a secret society of “Khazarian Mafia Jews” is that it’s secret. Where’s the evidence? It’s similar to the bandied-about theory that Queen Elizabeth II was part of an evil cabal that engaged in child sacrifice and sex trafficking.8

Where’s the proof? Anyone can say anything about anyone, but it doesn’t mean it’s true. How much of this is malicious “noise” meant to confuse and distract people?

Mortal Enemies to Freedom

I actually have no doubt at all that any number of ultra-wealthy, powerful people are banding together to increase their power and wealth at the expense of the world’s citizens. And I have no doubt that some of those powerful people are evil megalomaniacs who are willing to create policies that kill millions of people.

But even wealthy people should not be accused and convicted without proof. The irony is that the face of real evil in the modern age is so bold that it’s plain for all to see. Let’s start with just a few examples (there are many more) that are public knowledge. They don’t have to be proven. The evidence is already in.

As I list ten of these genuine evils (presented in no particular order), I invite you to refer back to the title of this essay and ask yourself: is all this evil the result of a Cabal of Jews and the State of Israel? Note that Jews and Israel are targeted in this list as prominent victims of “the evil side.”

1. Anthony Fauci, the CDC, China, and a variety of other groups and individuals harmed and/or killed many millions of people with the COVID pandemic, the forced lockdowns, and the forced “vaccine” program.

2. The Biden administration has opened America’s borders and in just three years over ten million unvetted illegal immigrants have entered the United States. Tens of thousands of them are members of criminal gangs or hostile actors from China and other countries who might be activated to commit violent attacks across the country. Imported fentanyl from China is killing huge numbers of American youth every year.

3. George Soros has funded the elections of soft-on-crime District Attorneys across the country that have resulted in a large number of murderers walking free and murdering again. Crime is soaring across America. And yes, Soros is a Jew. But his actions are his own.

4. Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari are running the World Economic Forum and are pushing transhumanism and a variety of other nefarious schemes, including the abolition of private property (for the masses) and the propagation of video games and drugs for “useless” people.

5. The World Health Organization is trying to create a compact with national governments that will take away our God-given health rights and make us subservient to whatever health mandates the WHO sends our way. Bill Gates is a prominent donor to the WHO and works with the WEF as well.

6. The United Nations is backing all of the above and is not a friend to free democracies.

7. Iran is funding Hamas and Gaza and wants to wipe Israel off the map with a nuclear weapon—a necessary doomsday scenario that will instigate the reappearance of the “12th Imam.”9 Iran is also oppressing its own citizens, especially women.

8. Militant, orthodox Sharī‘ah Islamists are waging a global jihad against Western civilization, including Israel as the “Little Satan” and America as the “Great Satan.” Britain is on its way to becoming a Sharī‘ah Islamic totalitarian country within a few decades and could be renamed “the Islamic Republic of Britain.”

Winston Churchill must be in agony, having stated in his book The River War that Islam is “a militant and proselytising faith” and that “no stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”10

9. Orthodox Islam has an intrinsic goal to eliminate Jews and Christians from its populations; by conversion if possible, by murder if necessary. Islam has already killed approximately 270 million people in the last fourteen hundred years. This is all documented.11

Much of the Western world has accepted the Islamic propaganda that “Islam is a religion of peace,” and thus has tremendous difficulty in accepting that Islam is violently and implacably hostile to Western civilization. But it is true, and the evidence for that fact runs from Islam’s core teachings to its historical and current actions. I created an overview of the issue in my article: “Saving Western Civilization Demands That We Study Islam: Presenting a simple resource guide to gain a clear understanding of the REAL Islam.12

10. And . . . we cannot forget the long-term goal of Marxism to dominate the world and remove freedom of religion entirely, including Judaism and Christianity. The current kingpins of this effort are Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

Will Russia and China Conquer the West?

Some conservatives believe that Putin and Xi are friends of America, secretly working with Donald Trump to reform their countries. However, as J. R. Nyquist has thoroughly documented in his heavily researched articles at, Putin and Xi are “playing” Westerners, confusing them with propaganda and long-term, skilled disinformation that became finely honed under Lenin and has continued to this day. The reality is that Putin and Xi are working together with the goal of conquering the United States and the West. China’s footprints in America are everywhere, from media to college campuses to industry and farmland.

Nyquist has also documented that China and Russia are behind Soros and Schwab and are funding militant Islam and Western leaders like Bill Gates. He stated:

Do you think our enemy is Uncle Sam? Do you think it is capitalism? No. Our enemy is communism. The deep state is made up of Marxists recruited and brainwashed in our own elite schools. DAVOS is a communist front.

The Kremlin and Beijing are communist. Raul Castro, Daniel Ortega, and Nicolas Maduro are communists. North Korea? Communist. South Africa and Congo, Nepal and Angola? Communist. The last two chancellors of Germany? (Who do you think was pulling their strings?)

The Mullahs in Iran? Graduates of Moscow State University. Biden? Put into the Senate by Armand Hammer, a KGB agent. Obama? Mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA.

Who do you think George Soros really works for? Don’t listen to what they tell you. Follow their actions, their alliances, their money. The useful idiot Bill Gates is one of China’s favorite people. Gates doesn’t use China. China uses him.

Who did 9/11? The leader of that attack, Mohammed Atta, was trained in a communist terrorist training camp in communist Czechoslovakia in 1987. (According to my Czech sources.) Alexander Litvinenko, the FSB defector, said that Putin was behind Al Qaeda and 9/11. After he went public with his testimony, Putin’s agents poisoned his tea with Polonium 210. Read the verdict handed down by the British judge who looked at the classified evidence in the case.

You want to tell me somebody else is doing all this to us? The communist movement is enormous. Its tentacles are everywhere. If there is one thing I am begging you to learn, for the sake of your own survival, it is: Your Enemies are the Communists.13

Marxism and Islam, NOT Israel and the Jews

So then, where does this leave the Jews and Israel?

Some might point to the large numbers of Jews that are Leftist and Marxist. Some people believe that Israel and the Khazarian Mafia Wealthy People Cabal are running the whole show.

They can allege that Jews “did all the evil,” but quite honestly, that view makes no sense, for many reasons, including how frequently the Jewish people have been victimized. “It’s the Jews” is an unproven accusation that is so gigantic, with such a huge scope, that it has to be believed “on faith.” Sort of like saying that aliens from other planets are among us.

Where’s the proof? The evidence? The documentation? Hundreds of videos with flashy graphics that allege “secret truths” are not evidence. Disinformation and propaganda are not evidence.

What is clear and provable is that Marxism killed over 100 million people since 1917 and Islam has killed over 270 million people since the seventh century. What is clear is that social freedoms are severely curtailed in totalitarian Marxist and Islamic countries (countries that were previously free).

The world has two major forces of evil—Marxism and Islam—that have not been able to hide their actions. The Hamas males who raped and killed Israelis on October 7, 2023, were not following the orders of Israel or the “Khazarian Mafia.” They were following the directions of the Qur’an and Mohammed, quite explicitly.

Even if some Israeli leaders failed in their duty to protect Israel against that attack, it does not mean that the entire country and population of Israel is an “evil cabal.” Caroline Glick did a video report called “Inside the INSANE Intelligence Failure of Oct. 7,”14 in which she criticized and documented leadership failures. But even if major parts of the country’s leadership are corrupt or misguided (which requires proof) we must remember that Israel’s benevolent and charitable actions in the Middle East significantly outshine the actions of their neighbors.

The Sacred Individual

We come then to the question of the individual: the Sacred Individual.

Ideology and religion can affect individuals in terrible ways, as it has done with the ideologies of Marxism and Islam. Based on the evidence, we can conclude that totalitarian ideologies are not good for the world and should be avoided at all costs.

In fact, shouldn’t the political incitements to violence expressed and taught by Marxism and Islam be banned?

There are also good and peaceful ideologies and religions. Western civilization has evolved based on principles of freedom, coming to full flower with the US Constitution, which created the freest and most prosperous country in the world. The United States is so amazing, in fact, that under Joe Biden’s administration, over ten million individuals entered America illegally in just three years because they really liked America.

(With exceptions made for the many thousands of bad actors who have crossed the border with deadly and nefarious intentions—a tragedy that may soon unfold.)

The heart of Western and American civilization is based on Judeo-Christian traditions of faith, including the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus. This fact cannot be denied. Thus, a good Jew and a good Christian are to be admired for their principles and their faith which often result in noble actions.

The Jewish and Christian faiths teach that every individual is accountable to God. It doesn’t matter what that individual is taught or how he or she is raised. In the end, each person makes choices. Shall I be honest and ethical? Shall I be peaceful and virtuous and loving? Or shall I go down a dark path and help create an evil, violent world and participate in murder?

I believe that when someone dies, their physical body falls away and the person travels to a realm of the spirit world that matches their heart, feelings, spirit, values, and actions. Thus, our thoughts and actions during our lifetime have consequences in our life in the spirit world.

I wrote about that phenomenon extensively in my 2023 novel, The Death and Life of Edward Wild: The Postmortem Adventures of a Modern Man, available at

How Many Countries Have the Jews Conquered?

Jews should be treated as we should treat every human being. Each Jew must be assessed as an individual. Individuals are good or bad or a combination of both. Being “Jewish” is irrelevant in this sense. But taken as a whole, if we examine history, we can indeed make a very long list of “good Jews.” The Jewish people have blessed the world, and the world would be a darker place if they had not existed.

And the country of Israel? Let us compare it to Hitler’s Germany, Communist Russia and China, Iran, the Ottoman Empire, and 1400 years of Islamic conquest. Did Israel murder six million Germans? Or 270 million Muslims? Or 100 million anti-communists? Of course not. Israel is not an “aggressor,” no matter what the Leftist, pro-Hamas propaganda states. Islamic Arabia expanded in the seventh and eighth centuries and conquered country after country, killing and enslaving millions. Islam continues its aggressive and totalitarian expansion to this day.

How many countries have the Jews conquered? Are the Jews rampaging through Africa, kidnapping girls as sex slaves, burning churches, and murdering thousands? Unlike Islam, Judaism really is a religion of peace.

The modern state of Israel has turned a desert into productive farmland; has welcomed Muslims into its country as citizens with full rights; has offered peace to Palestinians multiple times (with all overtures rejected) and has contributed to the world scientifically, culturally, and spiritually.

Plainly speaking, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic attacks and theories are anti-history, anti-truth, anti-love, and egregiously wrong. We must reject anti-Semitism completely and treat all Jews as sacred individuals, just as we must treat all human beings as sacred individuals.

We all stand alone before the eternal truths of God and humankind.

Image Credit:

Painting: “Daniel’s Answer to the King,” by Briton Rivière, 1890
Oil on canvas, 120.5 cm (47.4 in); width: 187.9 cm (73.9 in)
Manchester Art Gallery, Public Domain
This version has been altered tonally and cleaned up.








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13. - Comment by Nyquist, June 7, 2022, 1:40 a.m. Used with permission.

14. Inside the INSANE Intelligence Failure of Oct. 7 | The Caroline Glick Show In-Focus,


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