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In the Undeclared War of 2024, Liberals and Conservatives Must Create an Alliance to Defend American Freedoms

I am not suggesting acts of violence. Instead, we must use every possible legal avenue to prevent the totalitarian takeover of America.

~ I think it’s a strong possibility that Biden and the Left will activate hostile illegal aliens and domestic rioters to commit acts of violence, murder, and terror across America, to such a tragic degree that Biden will then have an excuse to declare martial law and cancel the November elections. I think that’s their plan. Whether they can carry it out is another matter.

Jun 9, 2024

In the last three years since Joe Biden was sworn in as President, large numbers of liberals have come to realize that the fanatical members of the hard-left are not their friends, and more specifically, are not the friends of liberty. These liberals have found unexpected common ground with conservatives and yes—even Trump supporters.

The lockdowns and dictatorial mandates during the Covid pandemic shocked freedom-loving citizens. Rejections of cures, hospital malpractice, mask and vaccine mandates, vaccine injuries and deaths, and the squashing of free speech and civilized debate about the issues revealed layers of power-hungry totalitarians spread throughout society.

Simultaneously, Americans have watched inflation soar and our economy turn toward collapse. Businesses shuttered during Covid have not rebounded. Farmers and the food supply are in peril. Fuel supplies are low and costs are rising. The percentage of financially struggling Americans has grown while the wealth of the “richest one percent” has multiplied in an obscene fashion. It is no coincidence that far too many of the ultra-wealthy are not champions of democratic values. They fly on carbon-producing jets to conferences abroad to discuss ways to crush the freedoms of “the common man”—all in the name of saving the planet. Their “science” has been challenged and their motives and actions seem thoroughly self-aggrandizing.

Observing all this, common men and women, otherwise known as freedom-loving Americans, are asking themselves if they really want to be forced to live in fifteen-minute cities with no cars, no cash, and bugs on their dinner plates. They will not be happy “owning nothing.”

What happened to freedom?

Amidst all of these stress-inducing crises, it has become increasingly clear that there’s something deeply wrong with the results of Biden’s open-border policies. An October 30, 2023 article in The Washington Examiner, stated:

More than 10 million people have been reported illegally entering the United States since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, the greatest number in history and of any administration. They total more than the individual populations of 41 states.1

It would be one thing if all ten million illegals were peace-loving and wanted to integrate as patriotic Americans. But many are the opposite. Wayne Allyn Root wrote, on October 11, 2023:

Biden (and his boss Obama) have left the border open. They’ve let millions of dangerous foreigners in. Most of the migrants entering our country are military-age males from China and the Middle East along with MS-13 thugs and gangbangers under the control of the Mexican drug cartels. This is an army of killers now roaming around our country.

If I ruled China, I’d order this army into action to paralyze America with low-tech violence and terrorism — just like the Hamas terror attack in Israel.2

Which brings us to 2024, the year of the “undeclared war” on American freedom. If you were a hard-left totalitarian oligarch, what would you do in 2024? For starters, you’d be deathly afraid of the November 2024 elections. A November 30, 2023 opinion piece by Robert Kagan in The Washington Post presented this headline:

A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending.3

It seems evident that the hard left believes that Trump might win the election. Thus, the media histrionics about Trump and conservatives as evil Nazis, or their ilk, is growing increasingly shrill. Their accusations that Trump is a dictator reflect their own morals and actions. They don’t just see the world darkly—they use lies and calumny as strategy. In case you really, really, really don’t like Trump, I invite you to acknowledge that the Left’s hatred toward Trump is not really about him at all. It’s simply because he’s in their way. Their real target is you, and me, and every person who prefers freedom as a way of life.

The level of American freedom and prosperity during Trump’s four years was far beyond what ordinary Americans are now experiencing under Biden. Unable to admit that truth, the hard-left accuses conservatives of what the Left is doing. But isn’t that always the pattern of evil men and women? To accuse the innocent to cover their own crimes?

The hard left is both hubristic and afraid. The Left is running scared, but at the same time, it’s consumed with its own arrogance and desire to crush the unimportant citizens for whom they have contempt. With the threat of a conservative victory in November 2024, what will the Left attempt?

To remain in power, they must not lose the 2024 elections. Can they win by cheating, as they were accused of doing in 2020? If Trump’s margin is too wide, they might not. What then can they do?

I think it’s a strong possibility that Biden and the Left will activate hostile illegal aliens and domestic rioters to commit acts of violence, murder, and terror across America, to such a tragic degree that Biden will then have an excuse to declare martial law and cancel the November elections. I think that’s their plan. Whether they can carry it out is another matter.

But they have the firepower and the will to do it. They have many leaders of the newly-woke military at their disposal, along with hundreds of thousands of administrative agents who have large amounts of weapons and munitions stored away. This is not a recent development, even though the hiring of 87,000 armed IRS agents has recently been in the headlines.

Ten years ago, on March 10, 2013, Larry Bell wrote an article for Forbes called “Why The Heck Is DHS Buying More Than A Billion Bullets Plus Thousands Of Guns And Mine-Resistant Armored Vehicles?” He stated:

Maybe some folks remain confused about what he really meant during 2008 campaign remarks, when speaking in Colorado, then-presidential candidate Obama said: “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”4

In December 2020, the public charity published a report called “The Militarization of the U.S. Executive Agencies.” That report stated:

We estimate that there are now more federal officers with arrest and firearm authority (200,000 ) than U.S. Marines (182,000).5

What are the “national security objectives” that Obama referenced? The Left has revealed its intent quite clearly over the last few years. Patriotic Americans are now deplorables and a “threat to national security.”

Can the Biden administration legally declare martial law and suspend the November elections? It would seem unlikely, but if they go to a war footing against Russia (or any country), they’ll have extra power. I’m not a lawyer or constitutional expert. But look at what they’ve gotten away with in the last three years, with the assistance of the compromised mainstream media. Illegality isn’t important to Biden and crew. It’s not important to China, or Sharī‘ah Islamic jihadis. It’s not important to cartels and other criminals.

I believe that Biden’s team is planning to create a massive amount of violence and chaos in America in 2024 and use it as an excuse to throw American freedoms out the window. If this is even a remote possibility, it begs this question:

What will freedom-loving Americans do about it? I’m not suggesting acts of violence. I am stating that it’s far past the hour for liberals and conservatives who love freedom to join together in an alliance of liberty—an alliance that will create a super-majority of American citizens.

That alliance needs to preemptively use every possible legal avenue to prevent Biden’s runaway administration from turning America into a totalitarian country.

Liberals: your hearts are good. You love freedom. It’s now time to reject the propaganda of the leftist media and Biden’s administration and join with your neighbors, family, and friends who are conservative, and together, shoulder to shoulder, save America.

Conservatives: reach out to your liberal friends and family and convince them that a free America is worth saving. Do any of us, either liberal or conservative, want to live in a totalitarian police state? Of course not! Thus, we must act now.

I believe that God will approve.


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Peter Falkenberg Brown is passionate about writing, publishing, public speaking and film. He hopes that someday he can live up to one of his favorite mottos: “Expressing God’s kind and compassionate love in all directions, every second of every day, creates an infinitely expanding sphere of heart.”

~ Deus est auctor amoris et decoris. ~

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