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The Scattered Forces of Freedom and the Monolithic Left

Jun 11, 2022

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The forces of freedom are scattered and disorganized. They are attacked across the globe by a foe that seems unstoppable. For more than a hundred years, the Marxist Left has planned and schemed for the downfall of Western civilization and has created armies of devotees that move in lockstep, fueled by the passions of anti-love.

The free world has birthed many excellent and principled leaders, but it has not yet matched the global organization and hegemony of the Left. To preserve freedom now, the anti-totalitarian peoples of the world must come together with the same vigor and conviction that allowed the Allied Forces to win the Second World War.

We did it then, and we can do it again, but our task has become vastly complicated by the divisions within the free nations of the world. The barbarians are no longer at the gates: they are inside the castles in positions of power.

If Adolf Hitler were alive, he would applaud the Hard Left for their success. The rioting and violent members of Antifa and other hard-left organizations are probably unaware that they are fulfilling Hitler’s desire when he said:

I want to see again in the eyes of youth the gleam of the beast of prey.1

The Left doesn’t want to admit that Hitler was a Leftist, but indeed he was. Writing for The Federalist in a September 11, 2018 article titled “Read A Pile Of Top Nazis Talking About How They Love Leftist Marxism,” Paul Jossey stated:

Hitler repeatedly praised Marx privately, stating he had “learned a great deal from Marxism.” The trouble with the Weimar Republic, he said, was that its politicians “had never even read Marx.” He also stated his differences with communists were that they were intellectual types passing out pamphlets, whereas “I have put into practice what these peddlers and pen pushers have timidly begun.”2

The youthful—and not so youthful—violent anarchists that roam the landscape belong to many different groups. In spite of the darkness that swirls around them, they all still possess the inner light of beauty that defines true humanity. Tragically, that light often diminishes to a flicker, buried under sentiments of rage, revenge, or simple greed.

Some are broken human beings who commit criminal misdeeds for pleasure and profit.

Others are more dangerous, driven by totalitarian ideologies that justify the hunt as acts done “for the greater good.” They are dressed in tailored suits and designer dresses, in tee shirts and jeans and trendy sneakers, marching together with a confidence bolstered by ignorance about the sacred value of every individual.

They have become almost machine-like in their agreement that the ends justify the means, that eggs need to be broken to make omelets, and that they—the special people—know what is best for all human beings. Some live in board rooms and attend cocktail parties. Others dress in black, and burn and smash and riot.

They are not scattered and disunited. Instead, they are like the Borg in their monolithic acceptance of a worldview that divides humans into valuable people versus those who can be discarded, subsumed, or dominated. (The Borg are the hive-mind, modified humans living in cube ships in the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation.)

The members of the Hard Left are united, passionate, enthusiastic, driven, and utterly confident that soon—very soon—the world will belong to them.

The status and goals of the forces of the Left are not secret. Their propaganda fills the information space, and they have no shame at all about revealing their megalomaniacal plans.

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland,3 reveals his vision of world domination and “the Great Reset” in his writings and speeches.

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and George Soros are clear about their goals. The hard-left Democrats in the US House, Senate, and White House trumpet their intentions continually, although they sometimes hide critical facts inside bills that are a thousand pages long that no one reads until it’s too late. The universities and media are equally transparent, presenting travesties like The New York Times’ 1619 Project that condemns America as irredeemably racist.

These enemies of freedom are joined by hostile totalitarian countries that have never abandoned their desire to conquer the entire world. Communism expert J. R. Nyquist reports in his May 31, 2022 article “Nuclear vs. Conventional War” that Russia and China are escalating their preparations for war against the United States.4

The Great Take Away about the Left is that they are united, organized, and completely focused on their target goals. They put aside their differences until after they win their battles because they seem to understand that with unity comes victory, and with victory comes power. And they really, really love power.

What can counter the concerted attacks of the global Hard Left? If the forces of freedom remain scattered and leaderless, they will be vanquished one by one. The wolves will attack from behind and pick off stragglers until all are overwhelmed. Freedom-loving people, both conservatives and liberals, need to know that many members of the Hard Left have little or no mercy.

Is this hyperbole? Historically speaking, it was only a few moments ago that Pol Pot’s peasant soldiers killed millions by striking the backs of their necks with hoes. A few minutes before that, Lenin and Stalin and Hitler and Mao murdered even more innocent victims. If we rewind through history, almost every page in the book of human experience is tragically marred with the blood of victims of tyranny.

One religious view is that humans whose eyes have “the gleam of the beast of prey” can still be saved by the love of God—eventually. There are many men and women who have left an evil path and have found redemption. Until that happens, goodness must be defended and expanded, and the innocent must be protected. In that regard, America is exceptional.

But since many American students don’t study history, they don’t understand that the last two-hundred and forty-six years of freedom produced by the American experiment was a complete and momentous departure from the norm of historical misery. Their ignorance, manufactured by the Left, is hastening the demise of liberty.

It is time for the freedom-loving peoples of America and the world to regroup and commit to decisive action. It has always been a problem that resentful and malicious malcontents seem to have all the time in the world to foment revolution while everyone else is busy with family matters, work, and sometimes recreation.

But now, it’s as if the Borg have come to Earth. The professional cadres of the Hard Left are almost literally snatching our children from their cribs and teaching them to hate, to be divisive instead of loving, and to be entirely confused about their identities. We cannot wait any longer.

What can we do? We must speak out and object to tyranny in every form. Sheep will be slaughtered, so we cannot be sheep. We must search within and realize that each of us—each individual—has great power to change the world. We must act to defend freedom.

We might think that since someone else is acting, we can stay home. But the power of one person is grand and momentous and often unexpected. So what if there are thousands of others acting already? We might be the one that saves the day.

Desmond Doss, the medic who wouldn’t carry a gun in World War II, saved seventy-five people at Hacksaw Ridge.5 He could have stayed home, but he didn’t.

Harriet Tubman, the former slave, saved approximately seventy people via the Underground Railroad before the Civil War.6 She could have stayed home, but she didn’t.

Sophie Scholl, the young German student who worked with the White Rose movement and opposed Hitler, was executed by guillotine but inspired countless freedom fighters.7 She could have stayed home, but she didn’t.

Frederick Douglass, the former slave and great African-American leader and orator, could have stayed home, but he did not.

Perhaps only God knows what each of us can accomplish. Some of us may act as individuals, objecting to tyranny at school board meetings. Some of us may join existing freedom-based groups or projects. Others may form new groups or organizations.

One might ask: why form new groups? Aren’t there enough already?

The answer to that is simple. Try counting the organizations founded by the Hard Left. They own the media, the universities, Hollywood, K-12 schools, huge numbers of nonprofits, woke corporations, and the Deep State in governments around the world.

We have a lot of catching up to do. We have a lot of organizing to do, and from our ranks, we need to find and encourage the righteous and the bold to take on the mantle of leadership.

The forces of freedom need many new George Washingtons. Who can unite our scattered forces? Who can rise above the fray and inspire millions? Yet, even if our leaders are imperfect, freedom-loving people need to emulate the Left’s ability to unite in spite of their differences. The Left knows that bold leadership and unity bring victory. Can we learn that in time to save our nation and our world?

It is also vital that we remember and emphasize the differences between the forces of freedom and the totalitarian Left.

Freedom is a state of existence that is unique to humans. Humans are self-aware, and all possess the attributes of freedom. We are free to create, to love, to give to others, to be kind, and to emulate all the goodness of history known as “the virtues.” Billions of people in the world believe that humans have the inalienable right to be free.

Conversely, tyrants hate the idea that God gave all humans freedom. We can prove that totalitarians ignore Godly virtues and instead live for power and personal pleasure because they reject, hamper, and eliminate the sacred freedoms that belong to all individuals.

Totalitarianism is a black hole of selfishness and death.

Even though some tyrants may be driven to oppress others because of their unfortunate and tragic histories, their individual pain is no excuse for evil actions. Still, we should pray that God will heal them, and we should articulate to everyone that finding a resonance with the love that comes from God is indeed the solution to the ills of the world.

While we pray for our unfortunate brothers and sisters who have fallen into pits and have changed for the worse, and while we pray for all the peoples of the world, we must become intensely aware that we are needed.

Freedom needs us to act. Our fellow humans suffering under tyranny need us. Our children and grandchildren and future generations need us—now—to win the battle for freedom.

And, it can safely be said that God needs us too.

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