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Jesus Never Had No Peanut Butter Cup
There ain’t nothin’ better than a peanut butter cup
after hours upon hours of sufferin’ and labor.
Vexations run from peanut butter cups. more
The Frozen Tundra of My Driveway Laughs in Mockery
The frozen tundra of my driveway
     laughs in mockery.

Venture forth to step on me?
     You may not.

My icy plates will rise,
     encircling your ankles
     with imbalance. more
Green Leaves and Rubies
In the center of the most beautiful place in the world
there nods a tree
of unknown measure.

How tall; how far; how wide
its branches reach... more
Indian Neck
On the occasion of our family's departure from Indian Neck, Virginia after five years.
The Sailor
Eternal Love
Sympathy without Boundaries
for my wife on mother's day, 2003
the twenty-fourth anniversary of our betrothal
My Loyal Friend
Sleepy Blue Flower
Written for our thirteen year old daughter, Thea Grace, on the occasion of her Christmas Poison Ivy.
Today we traveled under the trees
Peter Falkenberg Brown
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“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
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