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The Postmortem Adventures of Edward Wild

I'm working on my first Edward Wild book, called The Postmortem Adventures of Edward Wild, with a subtitle yet undecided.

While I'm working on it this year, I'll be publishing snippets of my work on it here, and welcome all feedback very much. So, thank you in advance for your comments, etc.

“Dancing Through Space” — from The Postmortem Adventures of Edward Wild
This is a snippet from a new book I’m writing. I’ve decided to post bits and pieces of the book this year to get feedback from readers, as I continue to write it. Your feedback will help me write a better book. Thus, thank you in advance.
She put her arm around his waist, and they floated in space, above a planet with three moons. She smiled at him again, and said, “You know you can’t fall now, Edward. You’re in outer space, and we’re weightless, and there is no up and down. It’s warm, and we can breathe, and there’s nothing to be afraid of. We can’t be hurt.” more
Desire, Skeletons, and Relatives
From the upcoming book "The Postmortem Adventures of Edward Wild."
-- A snippet of a chapter, in which Edward meets his relatives and worries about skeletons --
*** Comments and feedback welcome.
From the upcoming book "The Postmortem Adventures of Edward Wild."
He had seen a film once where prisoners in hell were caught on a trampoline, chased by skeletons, condemned forever to bounce and jump toward a hole in the ceiling which promised escape but always remained out of reach. Would the skeletons be coming after him? more


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